Change is easy in concept, when nothing is on the line but ideas. It’s only when ideas galvanize action, require attention and resources, and disrupt in the name of progress, do they reveal their worth and effect. Your company might have the ideas and the people to make changes that will increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue, but what’s keeping them from achieving those results? How do you know those ideas will work? And do your people have the time needed to successfully implement them?

Performance Matters removes these obstacles by providing the plan, the people, and the accountability to ensure proper implementation of proven methods leads to long-term success. We improve the performance of independent businesses, and we’re as invested in the success of yours as you are.

Here’s what makes us different:

A Holistic Approach

We’ve been inside enough organizations to know every facility’s culture is different. That’s why we always begin with a Strategic Analysis Visit (SAV) during which we observe and interact with your organization first-hand, to determine what real opportunities exist. Then, we develop a client-specific road map of proposed solutions.

Our customized service offerings cover all the bases: strategic planning, revenue generation, finance, service, marketing, operations, sales, and data analytics.

We Deliver Downstream

Of course, strategic planning is critical. But if there is one thing of which we’re certain, it’s that planning alone rarely survives the daily pressures in the plant or out in the field.

Performance Matters has a different approach to guide you to sustainable results and financial security. We focus on hands-on management and implementing change. We’re there with you every step of the way to ensure success. Our team-based approach optimizes revenue and cost savings opportunities while building a strong internal culture that creates and celebrates results.

We guarantee our work

True. So certain are we of our proven methods and programs that many of our specific service offerings are compensated based on your success. In other words, “Performance Matters” isn’t just our name; it’s what we believe.

To cite just one example, our guarantee for revenue generation states in writing: “If after implementing a Performance Matters personalized Revenue Services strategy for ninety days, Company does not realize enhanced revenue growth in excess of the Strategic Analysis Visit (SAV) and travel fees, Consultant will fully and gladly refund the actual SAV and travel costs.”