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Learn how industry leaders across the US and Canada worked with Performance Matters to deliver impact and value to their employees, the customers, and their Company


Sparkle Uniform & Linen Service, Jeff Newman

This program has been a great success, and has solved not only financial challenges, but made servicing our customers much more frictionless and less confrontational.  Great job all, and let’s continue the record into year 2!

Liniform, Bertha Jenkins

“Don’t procrastinate. Get on board. Working with Performance Matters has been a win for our company and for our customers. They don’t have to worry about small charges and getting cheated. There are no surprises, and it’s very explainable. If there are any prospects who are hesitant, they should call me!”


Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Brad Dudley

“Performance Matters helped provide the initiative to make us better. They taught us to sell a program to our customers that represented not only revenue for the company, but value for the customer. Ultimately, it was beyond the expectations we were looking for. We’re good starters but terrible finishers. Performance Matters brought us ability to see a project through to completion, and we’ve learned to use their structures on other initiatives of our own.”

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Crown Linen, Stan Schlotthauer
VP & General Manager

“When someone tells me they are thinking about hiring Performance Matters, I tell them, ‘do it!’ The results are proven. I’ve known Troy for a long time and he is one of relatively few people who actually delivers on what they promise.”

Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Kirk Dulany
Sales Manager

“Working with Performance Matters was awesome. We’ve always gone through a lot of ideas, and this was the first idea in a long time that actually came and stayed and is still very successful. The program we did with Performance Matters is now a part of our everyday life. It’s like a seatbelt—we’d feel weird without it.”

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Continental Linen Services, Ron Vander Meer

“I like the discipline of working with Performance Matters. We’re able to accomplish as a team exactly what is set up for us. More than what we’ve gained in revenue projects is the ability to see customers as partners now.”

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Paris, David Stern

“The most unique thing about Performance Matters is their ability to execute. Many consultants don’t ever say they can execute the plan with you. They typically consult with you and tell you what you should do. Performance Matters walks you through the process. Their process is very unique.”

Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Jeremy Elshire
IT Director

“Performance Matters did a thorough job of getting to know us and immersing themselves in our team before making suggestions. They’ve done the best job of building a cross-functional team— better than any other consultants we’ve worked with.”

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Continental Linen Services, Gene Kruse
Sales Director

“The experience and confidence of Performance Matters’ management staff drove us to do things we weren’t very comfortable with. And at the end of the day, we were successful in ways we couldn’t imagine because of it. Every dime was worth it.”

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Logan’s Uniform Rental, Arthur Logan

“If we had decided not to work with Performance Matters, our revenue stream would have been lower and our team would have probably only been 50% as effective.”

Superior Linen Service, Rusty Hersey

“Not only did they succeed in what they said they could do, they added a team concept. We’re all involved. We formed a focus group and we’re all involved start to finish. It helped bring more teamwork to our framework—something new, interjected energy.”

Blue Ribbon Linen Supply, Kevin Stachofsky

“You told me… I would say I should have had Performance Matters in sooner, and you were right.”

SITEX, Wes Sights
President and CEO

“Our partnership with Performance Matters over the past couple of years has made significant impact on our business. Their team has helped with the development of our leaders and team members and helped us identify, initiate, and execute projects successfully. They have a very professional and experienced team and it’s been great working with them.”

SITEX, Jon L. Sights
Executive Vice President and COO

“Finally, we partnered with Performance Matters on a cost recovery program that helped add a little over 5 points to our top line.  One of the most valuable aspects of this program was the playbook structure that PM employed during the planning and rollout.  It has really helped our team with the execution of that project and subsequent initiatives.”

Swiss Cleaners, Bruce Kloter

“Performance Matters has proven to be a trustworthy partner in our growth plans. Having worked with their team the past year has given us confidence and better structure for our future. The training programs are second to none and will have a lasting impact on our team. We are appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to work together.”

National Dust Control, Bryan Stock

“The decision to partner with Performance Matters was one of the best decisions I have made professionally. We needed to take our company to the next level, and with the decades of expertise that Performance Matters brings to the table, we are well on our way. Not only did they help us to quickly generate more working capital, but the experience changed the overall culture of my company. I look forward to the next chapter. “