Day-to-day challenges may seem insurmountable

Performance Matters differs from other consultants not merely by helping you analyze and prioritize your challenges and opportunities, but by helping you gain internal support from your team and implement reality-based solutions. In other words, we help you build a foundation and culture for growth.

Performance Matters offers a variety of proprietary programs and tools to train your service team, create accountability and implement a system that rewards success. We can provide any level of assistance you require and will be closely involved every step of the way.

Business Retention

Business retention should begin right from the start with effective account installation. Our analysts can help you force-rank your customers to learn which ones have the highest value. Then, employ customer renewal strategies that overcome roadblocks and objections, leading to more profitable agreements. The key lies in doing the analysis and prep work long before approaching your customer.

Route Optimization & Account Penetration

Route optimization isn’t just re-routing. The Performance Matters route enhancement method entails a searching analysis of your routes as well as our own proprietary method for re-rationalizing your existing route structure. Then and only then, we further assist with customer-focused transition strategies. This way, you’re able to deal with the logistical challenges while also addressing the personnel and customer issues that often arise. The result: enhanced customer experiences and relationships that increase revenues and produce efficiencies while reducing route-related costs.

Team Development & Training

The Performance Matters High Performance Team (HPT) training program is a proprietary system that helps construct a successful organization by building motivated, goal-oriented individuals.

This comprehensive and systematic method covers all the service team bases: personnel evaluation and placement; training and development; check-in implementation; accountability; goals and results tracking; communications and teamwork; proactive account management and customer retention strategies; agreement renewal optimization; inventory control; and new sales and growth.

Coaching and training is treated as an everyday process that becomes a normal part of the business. No subject is avoided. We help you establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and institute using Performance Matters’ proven methodology for tracking and accountability.