Performance Matters gave us the opportunity to get closer with our customers. Now our drivers have become route salesmen. One has sold two new accounts because he now has the confidence. We got better employees out of the deal.

Al BallRoute Service Manager

At the beginning, I was skeptical, but then I met Bill and Troy and they blew me away with their industry knowledge. They are nothing but professional­­ a standup team. It’s been very educational. Without a doubt, we will continue to work with Performance Matters in the future.

Terry LofreseSales Manager / Route Manager

The Performance Matters team was well prepared and knowledgeable which made for a great experience. Super Saturday was very informative and fun.

John RendonRoute Service Representative

The overall value of Performance Matters was an excellent asset to me, not only business-wise, but a great learning experience.

JuanRoute Service Representative

From Performance Matters I learned the value of properly communicating with our customers. We became more approachable and created a bond of friendship and loyalty with our customers. We can also properly negotiate change when it comes with our customers and go forward.

Jesse MarquezRoute Service Representative

I started the day thinking Market-Based Energy and green initiatives were a mistake. By Saturday at noon, I believed in them and had confidence to sell them to our customers. Performance Matters taught me it is important to be fair to customers, employees and the company.

Scott KuhnRoute Service Representative

The value of the program is the focus and deadlines imposed by the playbook and the ability of Performance Matters to drive the process. Without this implementation would lose priority, preventing success.

Ron WolaninService Director

Troy and Bill are very knowledgeable about what they do and have fun while they do their job. Performance Matters does their homework and knows what they are talking about.

Shawn LudolphRoute Service Representative

Performance Matters presents real world, usable knowledge and provides everything needed for proper implementation of projects.

Alex GreenfieldRoute Service Representative

Projects suggested by Performance Matters were incredibly successful and relatively easy. Their team had a ton of experience and knowledge and was there to answer any questions.

Robert VaughnRoute Manager