Improve your sales force productivity while producing incremental and sustainable profitability and successful expense management. The Performance Matters Sales Enhancement program builds on a foundation of understanding current processes and objectively evaluating your sales team. We create recommendations to improve productivity while helping you transform salespeople into true value consultants for your customers.

Our experts concentrate on enhancing the abilities of each member of your team with a focus on greater penetration and retention of existing accounts. Proven methods deliver weekly sales growth while optimizing long-term profitability.

Sales Strategies

It’s hard to know how a team is doing against plan if the team doesn’t know and understand the plan to begin with. Our team works with your organization to align a viable sales strategy with desired results. All team members are inside the loop and become integral parts of building the strategy, leading to more buy-in up front and greater team cohesiveness.

Accountability & Governance

With empowerment comes accountability. Performance Matters develops a custom plan to assure that accountability is consistent and builds a structure to establish an accountability culture within the team and organization.


With the plan in place, Performance Matters training consultants ensure that individuals and teams have the training required to produce results. We focus on personal development, homing in on individual strengths and development opportunities and assigning specific training based on each person’s needs.

Dashboards & Tools

Performance Matters takes inventory of the needs of the individual and team and then designs a custom Toolbox to facilitate the sales process. From presentation templates to timelines and more, our team makes sure your team is armed with the tools to be successful. Customized dashboards can be designed to track results through a comprehensive team Dashboard.