Profit Optimization

Profit optimization is an outcome that Performance Matters has consistently delivered to clients over the past ten years. We say “outcome” instead of “service” because while we measure profit and revenue, we focus on the inputs that deliver targeted, sustainable results. Only focusing on the revenue will simply lead to short-term results.

Performance Matters profit optimization focuses specifically on five to six common challenge areas seen across the industry. Regardless of whether you have difficulties in your merchandise recovery, preparation, nametag or emblem, we have proprietary methodologies that address these and other challenge areas with a positive and lasting outcome for your company, your customers and your employees.

Market Based Energy (MBE)

After years of working in the textile rental industry, we have discovered that most organizations desperately want a fair way to recoup legitimate energy costs from their customers. They want something they can stand behind and be proud of while still being able to react quickly to market changes. And some, quite frankly, just want a hedge to protect their business as it relates to energy cost fluctuation. Performance Matters offers a solution to address all of these needs.

Market Based Energy (MBE) is designed to ensure consistent margins for clients, despite the volatility of energy prices. MBE is a dynamic analysis that moves with the market; it’s a fair and equitable calculation that helps you establish credibility with your customers and service team.

This proven software system is strategically designed to replace outdated service and energy charge methods while helping you create additional revenue to cover both current energy costs and other often-overlooked expenses.

It allows for an energy fee modifier to account for petroleum-based material cost increases, regional allowances and/or additional revenue generation. Through this proprietary software program, Performance Matters can calculate the appropriate amount of energy fees to charge each customer on an ongoing basis.

MBE has delivered dynamic results within many organizations around the country. With our route service rep training and this solution in place, route reps can properly explain the program and convey the message of transparency and fairness.