Cost Compression

Successful cost compression strategies begin with identifying behaviors and gaps and evaluating opportunities through careful data analysis. We concentrate on strategies that deliver lower cost outlay, creating the opportunity to reinvest the savings in other areas of the business. True cost compression occurs beyond production, when all departments are included and take ownership of possible results.

Leader & Team Mentoring

Like everything else we do, mentoring is holistic. Our specialists focus mentoring on the whole person with support driven by individual work/life goals. We help people identify counter-productive habits and optimize personal growth and maturity with their own organizational structure.


Stockroom Optimization

The Performance Matters Garment Optimization methodology is a holistic approach to garment investment and management. Beyond realizing cost savings, our method delivers value and achieves sustainable results without “shocking the system.” The payoff: you provide the highest quality product to your clientele while simultaneously phasing out the inefficient spending habits that have plagued your business for years.

Human Resource Development

Performance Matters can augment and assist your human resources function in virtually any way you require. Our specialists can help you fill openings or vacancies in all leadership areas: management, service, production, sales and stockroom. In addition, we can assist with hiring, screening, processing and screening applicants, as well as on-boarding. You can trust our team to handle all your human resource issues and concerns with professionalism and confidentiality.

Organizational Workflow

An organization is a human organism and it can be challenging to see the whole from within. Our team specializes in helping managers group tasks into processes that can be fine-tuned to achieve organizational objectives. Keys to this analysis are the available resources and the interactions among them. Sound coaching, training, third-party review—all of these can help you achieve greater results when workflow is seen and understood from varying perspectives.

Production Optimization

Production Optimization develops a communication system that helps the management team optimize the performance of labor resources within the Production floor or organization.  Standards, material handling systems, equipment, and work measurement programs are reviewed and analyzed to produce a laundry system that is balanced.  This overall improved Production system will produce more pounds of product with the expected labor hours to increase our Pounds per Operator Hour metric.