Upon twelve consecutive months of engagement with Performance Matters, your organization is eligible for inclusion in our Loyalty Program. Special program benefits include:

Preferred pricing on all engagements
Pricing locked in at level of original engagement, as long as one remains an active Loyalty Program member
Complimentary Executive Summit registration for member and guest
Complimentary Annual Data Analysis
Complimentary Loyalty offering each year (see below)

Loyalty Program offerings include:

Performance Care Check-up

This analysis of your organization identifies areas where proactive measures can maximize optimal performance and mitigate the risk of negative impacts long-term.

Safety Audit

Includes two-day onsite inspection to access current safety opportunities and provide a benchmark for safety compliance within the textile rental organization.


Two-day onsite OSHA 10 course teaches workers about their rights and employer responsibilities. Helps workers identify how to avoid and prevent workplace hazards.

Art of Garment Investment

Three-day on-site study of stockroom opportunities with a focus on where and on whom valued garment maintenance dollars are being spent.

Leadership Team Assessment

Our behavioral expert assists up to five key top management personnel tap their potentials and understand individual strengths and weaknesses.

Brand Audit

Includes analysis of your company’s identity and marketing materials to determine whether they offer consistency and project value to your customers.