Addressing financial challenges head-on is a key to achieving longer-range objectives. Performance Matters offers a full slate of services to help your organization achieve more robust financial health.

Proactive business management

Do not wait until it is too late to address unexpected problems. Performance Matters can provide the tools to develop a strong plan and identify variances versus plan so your team can proactively develop solutions and keep small problems from becoming large ones.

Zero-based budgeting

Improve your transparency and accountability by building an annual bottom-up budget that leverages current GL accounts to build your company’s P&L statement. We partner with your teams to build out a baseline P&L plus expected business enhancements for a more detailed overview. This process is designed to engage your team with the goal of improving accountability and revenue/expense ownership.

Monthly performance review

We lead your team through a monthly exercise to compare their actual results with budget. This action step provides monthly accountability for managing the organization against the budget, while providing understanding for how revenue and expense variances impact the bottom line. Feedback from reviews also creates a more accurate year-end profitability review.

A/R and A/P improvement strategies

We can help you review your current A/R and A/P terms and conditions to bring them into alignment with industry standards, improving your cash flow position.

Strategic investment and financial planning

Understand the impact of large purchases on your operations, future cash flows and P&L. This process reveals how such investment impacts your company’s performance goals and profitability.