Data Analytics

It’s a person-to-person industry. And a data-driven world. Your success depends on what you know, when you know it. Performance Matters has developed a customized Data Analysis Toolset that provides a scorecard and helps you examine key areas of your business operations.

Revenue Preservation

Our Agreements Review Analysis tool goes well beyond inadequate snapshot-style present contract status reporting. You’ll be able to score your level of risk and exposure to accounts based on their agreement renewal status. Our method inspects upside-down accounts, allowing you to review strategies for combating account value erosion.

Cost Recovery

Need to know how maintenance costs impact your revenue stream? Our Loss & Damage Recovery Analysis tool helps you examine and score an account’s performance based on garment and linen maintenance protection and recovery. Then it goes one step further, generating a comprehensive revenue uplift figure, so you can identify recovery gap opportunities from your own data.

Cost Compression

Start erasing stockroom worries. Our Stockroom Analysis tool helps you evaluate your stockroom, identifies and quantifies possible efficiencies and provides a gross savings amount with qualified targets for improvement.