If you’re thinking of hiring Performance Matters and struggling with the investment, you have to get past what you think is going to be the cost of the program—the cost of having Performance Matters come in and do it. Basically, their programs will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. You can’t look at like it won’t pay for itself quickly.

Don PickensGeneral Manager

Several years ago, we talked to Troy and team and made the decision that we could do a good job implementing their initiatives on our own. Well, we found that we fell way short on what we actually could do ourselves, so we ended up bringing them in. Without Performance Matters, we would still be struggling to fill that gap.

Don PickensGeneral Manager

The Performance Matters’ process is very effective. I’m sure they hear from everyone, ‘We are unique.’ But when all’s said and done, we’re all the same.

Jim DoroPresident

Performance Matters was very effective. They used the 80/20 rule—ideas will work with 80% of your customers and the other 20% may not be worth the effort. Most of our revenue generation processes are 2-3 years old now, and the business we sold is still on the books.

Jim DoroPresident

Performance Matters did what they said they were going to do. We’ve been around the block with other consultants, and we just wrote a check for something that didn’t occur. The Performance Matters results are tangible and happening every day. They have become a part of what we do every week and a part of our culture.

Greg HerseyPlant Manager

Not only did Performance Matters succeed in what they said they could do, they added a team concept. We were all involved from start to finish. It helped bring  more teamwork to our framework—something new—and interjected energy.

Rusty HerseyPresident

The way Performance Matters structured the project was good from a teambuilding standpoint. It was a good plan to involve multiple departments to work towards a common goal—it was hugely positive.

Colin WetlauferVice President / General Manager

These guys know what they are doing and they have experience. Put aside your own bias for a minute. I was the one guy who everyone else talked into the Performance Matters’ communication was excellent. They didn’t just dump it in our laps and say, ‘We’ll be back.’ They were with us. I felt they were invested with us.”project; I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know if I could get our people to do it.

Roger WetlauferPresident

Performance Matters knows what to do and has full confidence to do it effectively. If anyone allows fears to cause delay, it’s just costing them money. Their system does work. It’s appropriate to question and do your due diligence, but their system is tried and true.

Jim DoroPresident

We’ve built a close relationship with Performance Matters. There’s a lot of trust between us and we can talk about anything and get honest feedback. They really care about us—not just as a company but as individuals as well. Troy and the gang want us all to succeed. They are in the realm of trusted advisors and are always there for us.

Don PickensGeneral Manager