Circle of Excellence
Training that matters

This is it. The industry specific, fully interactive, comprehensive team training program you’ve been looking for. One single activity-based package that works for your route reps, your service team and your managers.

Learn the principles and best practices of world-class organizations and start achieving measurable improvements in renewals, new growth and profitability.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Interactive learning
  • Real-world tools
  • Eight training courses, with over 250 lessons
  • Testing checkpoints after each course chapter
  • Industry-specific content and real statistical proof
  • Real accountability

Circle of Excellence Service Team training course topics include

201: Leadership Coaching and Training
301: Safety Training and Communication
401: Route Skills Training
501: Become a Product Expert

601: Retention Management
701: Growing Profitable Revenue
801: Merchandise Management
901: Maximizing Financial Operating Profit

Circle of Excellence Training provides your team with tools to improve confidence and performance, resulting in better morale, reduced turnover, higher revenue and stronger profits. The Top Ten Takeaways of Circle of Excellence Training:

  1. Support for day-to-day performance challenges
  2. Comprehensive new hire onboarding process
  3. Best practices for running a route
  4. Processes for retaining and growing existing customer base
  5. Improved daily route rep and manager communication

6. Successful methods to control and reduce merchandise costs
7. Tips to enhance route training meetings
8. How to source, interview and hire top route reps
9. Useful time management and organizational techniques
10. Steps for running a successful sales contest

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Circle of Excellence Training Overview

Retention Management

Growing Profitable Revenue

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