One thing about the textile rental services industry: It’s a full-contact sport. In today’s rough and tumble, fast-changing business environment, you occasionally need an ally—someone with a deep understanding of how to build company growth and manage assets wisely.

Enter Performance Matters. A team of professionals who are experts in helping independent local and regional textile rental companies across the country build stronger sales organizations, create and instill better growth strategies and develop sustainable profitability.

But you want to know what makes us different.

We’re holistic

We’ve been inside enough organizations to know every culture is different. That’s why we always begin with a Strategic Analysis Visit (SAV) during which we observe and interact with your organization first-hand, to see what makes it tick and to determine what real opportunities may exist. Then, we develop a client-specific road map of proposed solutions.

Our customized service offerings cover all the bases: strategic planning, revenue generation, finance, service, marketing, operations, sales, and data analytics.

We deliver downstream

Of course, strategic planning is critical. But if there is one thing of which we’re certain, it’s that planning alone rarely survives the daily pressures in the plant or out in the field.

Performance Matters has a different approach to guide you to sustainable results and financial security. We focus on hands-on management and implementing change. We’re there with you every step of the way to ensure success. Our team-based approach optimizes revenue and cost savings opportunities while building a strong internal culture that creates and celebrates results.

We guarantee our work

True. So certain are we of our proven methods and programs that many of our specific service offerings are compensated based on your success. In other words, “Performance Matters” isn’t just our name; it’s what we believe.

To cite just one example, our guarantee for revenue generation states in writing: “If after implementing our personalized client revenue generation programs and strategies for 90 days, our clients do not realize enhanced revenue growth in excess of our SAV consulting and travel fees, we will fully and gladly refund both.”